Bobby D. Foster only writes about himself in the third person. Except when I don't. I'm a second-generation Cuban-American who grew up in Miami. At 18, I stamped my passport, crossed into the U.S., and have since lived in New York, Boston, and D.C. I have a real job and a real name (hence the fish pic) that I choose not to share with others. A cursory glance through my work will explain why.

The Miami Creation Myth, my first book, is set for publication in 2019. I have previously been published in Acentos Review, Defenestration Magazine, and The Washington Pastime. Several of my Buzzfeed pieces  have garnered tens of thousands of views. I was nominated for the 2015 Última Coca-Cola del Desierto Award presented by Tremendo Caballo Magazine, but lost to Willy Chirino.